Experience the majesty of the mountains up close - lace up your boots and hit the road!

Panoramic mountain tour to the Eidechsspitze

422 hm
3 km
2.738 hm
~1,5 Hours
The Eidechsspitze in the Pfunderertal is one of the most popular peaks among South Tyroleans: at first moderately difficult, then highly alpine, the trail winds through meadows and forests and later exposed to the summit. From Terenten we climb along a rushing mountain stream to the cosy Tiefrastenhütte, then on to the Kompfoßsee and up to the Eidechsspitze via beautiful but challenging mountain trails.

Kompfoss Lake 2480m

~1 Hour
The Kompfoss Lake is located at over 2480 m above sea level in the Grubbach Group of the Pfunderer Mountains. It is surrounded by boulders and offers a magnificent panorama of the Dolomites. In the west it is overlooked by the Eidechsspitze.
2.480 hm
184 hm

High Grubbach Peak

497 m
1,7 km
2.809 hm
~1.15 Hours
From the Tiefrasten hut, the narrow trail no. 24 first leads northwards through stone-covered mountain meadows. Shortly before the Hochsägescharte, it branches off to the left, overcoming a short rock passage. And next to the summit cross of the Hochgrubbachspitze, enthroned on a cairn at 2,809 m, a dreamlike view finally awaits the hiker.

Kemp peak

394 m
2.705 hm
~1 Hour
Behind the hut, follow the narrow trail no. 25 in the direction of Kempspitze, which initially leads in a northerly direction, but shortly afterwards branches off to the right (be careful: the marking on the rock is easy to miss). It initially leads through stone-covered mountain meadows and later over angular boulders and rock-strewn terrain. Next to the summit cross, the efforts of the rather steep ascent are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view of the nearby Pfunderer peaks.
The Pfunderer Höhenweg runs from Sterzing to Bruneck through the Pfunderer mountains on the main ridge of the Alps. The tour is about 70 km long and takes 4 to 6 days. On ancient paths you hike over less frequented alpine pastures and mountain areas, the paths are often not very well trodden. Steep places, snowfields and short sections secured by ropes are on the way. Sure-footedness and a good physical condition are prerequisites for the long distance trail. A special feature is the marking with a red and white circle.

The Pfunderer Höhenweg

Stage 1:

Start in Wiesen, east of Sterzing, it goes past the Plitschalm to the Trenser Joch. The original route leads over the Sengesspitze, the shorter route goes right to the Simile-Mahdalm.
~6,5 Hours
2.011 hm
13 km
1430 m

Wiesen - Simile-Mahd Alm (Closed in 2023 )

Stage 2:

~4 Hours
2.282 hm
9,9 km
1090 m

Simile-Mahd-Alm (BLEIBT 2023 GESCHLOSSEN) - Brixner Hut

Brixner HUt - Edelraute hUT

This is the longest and most demanding stage with passes (Steinkarscharte, Kellerscharte, Dannelscharte, Gaisscharte with rope insurance). After 6 hours there is approximately the possibility to spend the night in the Brenninger bivouac.

Stage 3:

1540 m
16.4 km
2.545 hm
~6,5 Hours

Edelraut HUT - Tiefrasten HUT

Past the Eisbruggsee, over the Kuhscharte and the Passenjoch.

Stage 4:

860 m
14.7 km
2.545 hm
~6 Hours

Tiefrasten HUT - Pfalzen OR St. Georgen

The stage is not difficult, but long.

Stage 5:

900 m
20 km
2.545 hm
~6,3 Hours
Shortest way to the hut
From Brixen, drive through the Pustertal valley to Niedervintl, where you turn left towards Terenten. After Terenten, follow the signs to Winnebachtal - Tiefrastenhütte on the left to the car park (1,420m). From here a wide road (no. 23) leads up the valley to the Astnerbergalm (1,641 m). After about 3.2 km of trail, you reach the valley station of the material cable car, where the wide driveway turns into a climb (no. 23).
The route leads over alpine slopes and a small high valley to the Tiefrastenhütte hut and lake.

892 m
2.312 hm
~2 -2,5 Hours
Public transport connections
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Tiefrastenhütte, 39030 Terenten
46.876267, 11.781583
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